Investors Capsule

IMPORTANT: This microsite is intended only for use by holders of UBX. tokens purchased during the 2017 ITO. Other interested investors are requested to visit https://ubu.world/investors

INSTRUCTIONS: To receive your replacement UBX. tokens you are kindly requested to complete the form fields below. Note that email address and MEW are mandatory, the rest is voluntary.

It is critical that you insert the correct MEW address. UBU.core cannot accept responsibility for incorrect wallet addresses supplied. Tokens will be sent to the addresses inserted in the field below.

The UBX. is available for trade through the DoshEx exchange from 02 April 2019. Please register an account at https://exchange.doshex.com/en

The MEW that you used for the ITO can be re-used. Alternately you can set up a new one. The interface has since been upgraded. Click the link below to see how to set up a new MEW.

How to open a MEW (MyEtherWallet)?